Our Groups

The Office of Conference Services provides a wide variety of conferences and camps each summer. A list of some of our annual groups can be found below. 
The Biznovator Camps are built on the foundation of Entrepreneurship and Youth Empowerment. They deliver both one and two week experiences that focus on the creation, development and start-up of a business or social venture.
Breakthrough Miami provides an academic enrichment program that uses a student-teaching-students model to ensure that motivated, under-resourced middle-school students have access to excellent high-school opportunities, graduate from high school on time, and attend college.

Frost Chopin Academy offers pianists up to the age of 29, the opportunity to exclusively immerse themselves in the works of Frederic Chopin and learn first-hand from the world’s most distinguished Chopin specialists.

Frost Young Musicians' Camp has a program for you, whether you play piano, guitar, drums, wind instruments, or are a vocalist.

At iD Tech, kids and teens of all skill levels discover coding, AI, machine learning, film, robotics, and game design, developing the in-demand skills to compete at today's companies. 
Miami City Ballet School offers an intensive five-week training program geared toward ballet students 9-18 who are committed to dance professionally and are ready to achieve a new level of artistic excellence.

The Minority Students in Health Careers Motivation Program (MSHCMP)
promotes diversity in the health and allied health professions by providing students from un-
derrepresented backgrounds with an opportunity to develop skills that will increase their
competitiveness for admission to schools of medicine.
The National Student Leadership Conference has invited a select group of outstanding middle school and high school students to participate in its fast-paced, high-level, interactive summer sessions.

Nexus Summer Programs exist to provide college bound teens with the tools needed to thrive on campus. Alongside a focus of both academic and career development, NEXUS also provides immersive experiences in self-discovery including socio-emotional development techniques that embolden each student’s confidence in themselves.

The Steven Sotloff Hostile Environment First Aid Training, by the 2Lives Foundation and in collaboration with the University of Miami School of Communications, provides safety training and risk assessment protocols in dangerous assignments around the world for journalists.

The James Ansin / Peace Sullivan High School Journalism and New Media Workshop at the University of Miami is a fully-funded, incredible summer educational opportunity for up to 20 high school students interested in journalism and new media.
Summer Institute for the Gifted designs a three-week program that combines challenging academics with social, cultural, and recreational opportunities to nurture students’ social skills, as well as enhance their natural talents and abilities in various fields of study.

Our program offers flexible move-in/-out dates and frees interns from worrying about furnishing a room/apartment for the summer. Any college/university student, over the age of 18, who will be in enrolled in Fall semester courses may sign up. 
The University of Miami Summer Scholars Program is an exciting opportunity for current high school sophomores and juniors to explore their academic passions and experience college life.

Whether your goal is becoming a more cohesive team, mastering a stunt or pirouette, or learning to believe in yourself, Varsity Spirit can help you accomplish it.