Planning Your Event

Even for the most experienced event planners, coordinating the many logistics for an event can seem daunting. Let our knowledgeable conference service professionals help you to stay organized and ensure that your conference goals are met, ultimately providing a welcoming and positive campus experience for your event guests.
Offering both single and double room layouts, all rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with a bed (extra-long twin), dresser, desk, chair, trash can, recycling container, and window coverings.
With venues for events of all sizes, the University of Miami allows conference planners to be creative in planning events at The U. Together with overnight accommodations and food and beverage services, we can provide all of your conference needs.

The Office of Conference Services connects event planners with a variety of both on- and off-campus food service vendors to deliver high-quality dining and catering options for budgets both big and small.

Event planners can rest assured that we offer all of the amenities your attendees expect - and even some they may not! 

Located in the Miami-Dade metropolitan area, the University of Miami offers conference guests seemingly limitless possibilities to travel to and from the campus as well as around town after their conference schedule is over.